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Assorted Easter Treats

Coconut Nests with Jelly Beans


Giant Cream Eggs

Cream Eggs- small and large available.

Cream Eggs

Peanut Butter Eggs

Peanut Butter Filled Eggs


Marshmallow Eggs

Marshmallow Eggs

Easter Nutter Butters and Oreos


Assorted Easter Oreos

Easter Oreos

Bunny Nutter Butter Cookies

Bunny and Chick Nutter Butters

Peep Pretzels and Oreos

Easter Pretzels and Oreos


Brina Bunny, Mrs Rabbit in Basket, Harey Carroty, Carter Bunny

Montgomery Bunny

Chicken Little & Small 3D Bunnies: Rosa Rabbit, Herbert Hare, Sitting Rabbit

Custom bunnies

Ruth and Oscar (Giant Chocolate Bunnies)

Custom Bunnies

Custom Bunnies

Easter Egg Plaque

Large Easter Egg Plaque and Funny Bunnies


Little Beggar, Chester Bunny, Small & Large Herman Hare, Mama Long-Ears

Lamb Chop, Small 3D Cross, Littlest Lamb

Large Bunnies: Basket Bunny, Running Ramon, Roy Rabbit

Randy Rabbit, Carrot, McGee, Ruthie Rabbit


Easter Bunny Round Suckers

Bunny Pops

Happy Easter Egg Sucker, Giant Bunny Sucker, Chick Easter Sucker

Bugs Bunny Suckers

Foil Eggs

Easter Sprinkle Pretzels

Candy Carrots (Orange Jelly Bellies)

Gummi Bunnies

Gummi Bunnies

Malted Milk Eggs

Bubble Gum Eggs

Easter Buckets

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