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Cream Eggs

Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny

Cottontail Bunny (left) and Carrot (right)

Cottontail Bunny

Coconut Nests

Bunny Pretzel (left) and Peep Pretzel (right)

Nutterbutters (top) and Oreo (bottom)

Rice Krispies (top) and Graham Crackers (bottom)

Graham Crackers

Little Beggar (left) and Riley (right)

Jackie (left) and Herman (right)

Brett (left) and Barry (right)

Sitting Rabbit (left) and Mary (right)

Chester (left) and Herbert Hare (right)


Sitting Bunny Pop: Also Available in Milk Chocolate


Peep Shot Glasses

Small Last Supper Plaque Dusted in Gold

Small Last Supper Plaque Dusted in Gold

Large Last Supper Plaque (top) Small Last Supper Plaque (bottom)

Blake and Baylee


Basket Bunny

Decorated Flat Egg




Eggstra Special Gummies

Foil Wrapped Eggs

Assorted Jellybeans

Clear Gummy Albunnies

Sanded Gummi Albunnies

Pastel Sprinkled Pretzels

Peeps and Bubble Gum Eggs

3D Egg with Bunny

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