Assorted Wedding Sweets

Assorted Wedding Sweets

Assorted Wedding Sweets

Heart with Flower Frame

Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses

Bride and Groom Oreos

Bride and Groom Oreos

Bride and Groom Oreos

Rice Krispy Wedding Favors

Wedding Shower Party Tray

Wedding Favors

Bride and Groom Pretzels

Wedding Gift Box

Wedding Dress Sucker

Wedding Shower Party

Save the Date!

White Wedding Rings

Tear Drop Sucker

Tear Drop Sucker

Engagement Ring

Engagement Suckers

Chocolate Candy Bar With a Custom Wrapper (Please allow at least two weeks)

Chocolate Wedding Rings

Love Heart Sucker

Double Heart Plaque

Love is Us Heart

Custom Engagement Chocolate

Candy Wedding "Cake"

Flat Champagne Bottle with Monogram

Gold Wedding Rings

Large Heart

Bride and Groom Heart Sucker

Plain Heart Sucker

Heart Sucker

I Love You 3D Chocolate Bottle

Mr and Mrs. Hearts

Champagne Glasses

Wedding Placards

Love Sucker

Wedding Shower Umbrella Sucker

Custom Bachelorette Suckers

Rice Krispy Favors

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